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Learn more about how to discover your gifts and talents in this popular eBook, written by Keith Henry and Berni Dymet.

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About “My Personality GPS”

Most of us believe that somewhere, somehow there must be a unique destiny for our lives. Something more than just eking out an existence. A plan to live out this life we’ve been given … to the full. But unless we really know who we are – how we’ve been wired on the inside; our personality type if you will – then how can we possibly discover what we’re meant to be doing with ourselves; our unique ‘gig’ in life?

Berni Dymet + Keith Henry have written a book that’s not only entertaining and easy-to-read, but incredibly insightful and intensely practical.

This book is about you, because personality GPS is all about helping you locate your unique Personality Type. But what makes it so wonderfully different, is that it’s been written with a very special purpose in mind: it’s been written so that you can live out your life … to the full.

You’ll discover:
• how wonderfully different God has made each one of us,
• your specific personality type and what that means for your life,
• how to uncover the personality types of your family, friends and colleagues,
• how to develop richer and more meaningful relationships by knowing yourself and others, and
• most importantly, how you can impact this world and discover fulfilment in serving people by being who you were always meant to be.