Discover your supportive gift

You know your dominant Gift or Talent so let’s find your supportive Gift.

Your supportive Gift will influence your dominant Gift to help you find your “sweet spot” – where you will be most passionate, successful and fulfilled in doing.

Let me tell you about Tina. Tina is a natural leader but she did not know what she wanted to lead as most of the jobs for leaders did not really interest her. She did not want to be a merchant banker, lawyer or a corporate leader. So, I asked her to do the Supportive Gift test which showed that she was a Carer. This was a revelation to Tina that she was a Caring Leader and it made sense to her as she had always been interested in caring for people, more from managing and leading than the care on the floor. Now she is released to put her talents to work in the field that she really loves and is naturally suited to. So, what about you. Do the test below and discover your supportive Gift.

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